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Sydney Heritage Fleet looks to its future

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After 50-plus years, Sydney Heritage Fleet is looking ahead to the future, a move triggered by the hoped-for move of the SHF operational fleet to a new Maritime Heritage Precinct (MHP) planned for the waterfront around the Australian National Maritime Museum in Darling Harbour.

If all goes to plan, the MHP will be completed in early 2020 and our operational vessels will join James Craig in new berths designed for easy visitor and passenger display, access and operation.

With the MHP a couple of years away, museum masterplanners, Freeman Ryan Design (FRD) have been commissioned to define the purpose and future of Sydney Heritage Fleet.

FRD’s Stage 1 of the project recommended a future which, some said, was self-evident, but which had never been so simply and logically presented : create the Museum of Sydney Harbour. It would link our historic fleet and the other objects in our Collection, but above all it would enable us to tell the fascinating and varied stories of Sydney Harbour.

Despite ‘Sydney Harbour’ being tourisms greatest draw card and a must-see for every Sydney visitor, there is no single place in the city to learn about the Harbour and its diverse and colourful history.

FRD’s concept can do just that and, what’s more, the SHF and its vessels can take visitors out onto the water, so that the new museum really is the Museum of Sydney Harbour.

There’s a way to go yet to realise the concept. Watch this space!

3D Visualisation of Maritime Heritage Precinct (NE aerial) v2 28.07.15 (CurrentDec15) copy

Artists impression of the Maritime Heritage Precinct



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